Getting through, the key to more sales discussions

A major issue prospectors and sales reps experience today is the difficulty getting through to the right people to have a sales discussion.

The market has become increasingly resistive to cold calls and unsolicited email. Contributing to this issue is the:
  • Increasing use of caller-ID
  • Wide implementation of automated attendant systems
  • Prevalence of 'head-hunter', telemarketer, and 'robo' calls
  • Growing acceptance in business that its okay (and professional) to not answer the phone or respond to voicemail and email messages unless the caller or sender is known.

My firm (Meta), which specializes in outsourced sales prospecting services of the hard-to-sell, realized the magnitude of this growing problem. We elected to take the challenge head on. The result is our Pursuit Protocol™, that has more than doubled our contact rate. Since its implementation at Meta in early 2015, the protocol has been widely tested and greatly enhanced. And more recently, we are making it available to B2B sales organizations.

The Pursuit Protocol is not a calling gimmick, social media strategy or CRM system add-on, but rather a targeting, messaging, and tactical approach, applied consistently by prospectors and sales reps through their out-reach effort.

The Pursuit Protocol easily overlays any existing process and fully leverages existing calling and emailing programs. And it is not difficult to apply and use.

Bring new life, a noticeably greater return, and a higher conversion rate to your prospecting and selling efforts.

For more information about the Pursuit Protocol, call (513) 739-0155 or email me, Erik Nebergall, at

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